Nootropics Depot: The Best Online Supplements Vendor?


Don’t have enough time to go through the entire thing? Then here’s a brief look at the major highlights of the brand to help you get an overall idea:

  • Nootropics Depot is an All-American brand headquartered in Arizona
  • Highly positive online presence
  • Stringent quality control measures, including third-party and in-house tests
  • Wide range of products and competitive pricing
  • Fast shipping times

Nootropics Depot is quickly becoming one of the most prominent online vendors of nutritional supplements for very important reasons!

With a large selection of products, assured quality control, and affordable pricing, the company has caught the attention of fitness and brain-health enthusiasts the world over. But is the company all that it lays claim to?

About Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot is, without a doubt, one of the largest online supplement sellers today. The company started its operations in 2015 as a small supplier of supplements and offered a limited variety of products.

Come 2016, the company changed management and underwent a complete revamp of its business approach. Slowly, it began to diversify the product range, streamlined operations and started expanding.

The company is entirely US-based, and has headquarters in Arizona, from where it runs operations servicing both domestic and international customers. The official website has a smart and functional look, and offers dedicated email addresses for customer support and inquiries.

Nootropics Depot also has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau and is widely respected on Reddit as a genuine supplier of quality supplements. Most of the online review sites we visited have positive reviews, and even when there were complaints, the company responded with speedy and practical solutions.

Overall, we can say that the company has an excellent reputation online, and is working its way towards becoming one of the top names in the supplement industry. Seeing as it has achieved so much in such a short period, it seems the brand is going places.

However, no matter how good the market reputation is, a nutritional supplements provider should always be judged by its product quality. That’s why we decided to dig deeper into the quality assurance and control features that the company incorporates and we were extremely impressed with what we found.

Quality Assurance And Control

When it comes to quality control, nothing beats appropriately conditioned laboratory tests. And regarding tests, we think that a business should have provisions for both in-house and third-party lab testing.

Third-party checks ensure that the business does not publish results that are biased to its interests. At the same time, in-house testing helps to determine the integrity of the external tests. Together, this results in higher quality products reaching the consumer.

That’s why we were thrilled to find that this company has provisions for both in-house and third-party lab testing. All its products are put through two-layer testing and double-checked for purity.

From the company’s very inception, the management has been very particular about the quality of the products. That’s why it has invested heavily in testing facilities, where the products are put through advanced testing methodologies such as Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Apart from this, the company also employs professional test-labs to carry out independent testing of its products and raw materials. All this ensures that the end products are of high quality, safe, and 100% effective.

Product Selection And Pricing

Once we were sure that the company takes the necessary care when it comes to quality control, we headed over to the website to check out the products. We were curious as to how wide their product offerings were and what kind of supplements we could find.

We found that Nootropics Depot actually offers varying kinds of nootropics, nutritional supplements, adaptogens, and much more; all of which can be sorted by the type and use that they are put to. Customers also have the option of browsing through the top-selling products on the website.

Most of the products on offer are in the form of capsules and powders, though some are available in tablet form. However, we couldn’t find any liquid products, and this is a gap that we’d like to see filled soon.

Apart from natural plant extracts and mushroom extracts, which form the bulk of the product list, the company also offers amino acid, choline, and vitamin supplements. What’s more, it also has a range of Ayurveda supplements on offer.

The highlight of the product range, according to us, is the number of patented ingredients that the company boasts of. This includes Bacognize Bacopa Monnieri, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, and TeaCrine Theacrine, among others.

All products are competitively priced, but prices vary according to the product and the quantity ordered. Also, when you create an account on the official website, you get to take advantage of a host of discounts and coupons. Plus, regular customers get additional benefits as well.

Overall, we can safely say that Nootropics Depot has one of the largest selections of supplements on the internet. And at prices that won’t hurt your pocket, we think that they may be the best online vendor of nootropics supplements.

Shipping And Returns

If customer reports are anything to go by, then Nootropics Depot has a reliable and fast shipping process. Orders that are placed from Monday to Saturday by 4 PM MST are shipped the same day.

We also like how the company offers free FedEx shipping on all domestic orders over $50. For international orders, Nootropics Depot provides free delivery for all orders above $200 via Standard Worldwide Mail.

Apart from USPS and FedEx, other shipping methods are also available to customers during checkout. Keep in mind that for international shipments, Nootropics Depot does not provide refunds if the customs department of the recipient’s country stops the products.

Regarding returns, the official website clearly states that the company does not accept returns and exchanges for opened or used products. In the case of unopened products, they offer a refund as long as it’s requested within 30 days of delivery. However, the customer has to bear the cost of shipping.

In case of packages lost in the mail, Nootropics Depot assesses refunds on a case by case basis. They also require that reports of lost packages be submitted within 30 days of purchase for domestic orders, and within 90 days of purchase for international shipments.

Customer Service And Support

In terms of customer service and support, we were disappointed with certain aspects of the company. Presently, the company only offers an email address through which it can be contacted. On business days (Monday to Saturday), customers can expect a reply within 24 hours.

However, since Sunday is not a working day for the business, you’ll have to wait till Monday for any emails sent on Saturday. Plus, replies can also be delayed on account of national holidays. Granted, when we emailed them regarding inquiries on our orders we did receive an extremely prompt response.

Another aspect that we’d like to highlight is that the company does not have a phone number through which it can be contacted. This, together with the absence of a live chat feature on the website seems a bit obsolete today, given how almost every online service incorporates these features, and is something that we’d like to see implemented in the future.

That being said, we must mention that the company website has many resources in the form of blog articles and buying guides that the customers can use. These articles are beneficial in improving knowledge about nutritional supplements and can help buyers make the right decision before purchasing.

Are Nootropics Depot Products Legit?

After spending sufficient time researching the details of Nootropics Depot, we can say with confidence that this is one of the most legitimate companies, if not the best, in the nootropics supplement sector.

The business has an excellent reputation online, an extremely loyal customer base, and is active on social media educating and informing consumers about best practices involving supplement testing and quality assurance. Plus, it has swift shipping times and delivers worldwide. Add that to a stellar product selection and competitive pricing, and we think you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Our Thoughts


So, let’s ask the last question: should you go for Nootropics Depot products?

If you go by our evaluation, then we say definitely! The brand is legit and the products are safe, affordable, effective, and laboratory tested. Plus, you also get great discounts when you buy from the official website.

And while we think the customer service can be improved upon with a phone number and live chat feature, they do make up for it with blog-based support and education. Overall, we feel that Nootropics Depot is currently the most reputable source for nootropics and nutritional supplements online.

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