Naturealm Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder Review: How Good Is It?


In a rush? Here are the highlights of Naturealm’s Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder:

  • It’s a blend of 7 types of medicinal mushrooms: Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, and Maitake
  • All ingredients have been clinically proven to boost immunity, cognition, energy levels, and motivation
  • Analytically tested and verified by laboratories to contain at least 20% of beta-glucan content
  • No added grain, filler, or mycelium; uses whole fruiting bodies sourced from Nammex
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and an organic USDA-certified product
  • Available only as a powder at present; soon to be made available as capsules as well

In today’s world, it’s imperative that we project our best selves at all times, both in terms of mental as well as physical wellness.

It’s no coincidence that mushroom supplements have become increasingly popular lately and for good reason. What’s more important is that researchers seem to trust them too.

Today, we’ll be reviewing one such product, Sacred 7 from Naturealm, to find out if it’s truly all that it claims to be.

So, let’s get straight to the point.

What is Naturealm Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder?

Sacred 7 is a mushroom extract supplement from Naturealm which is fully organic, vegan, and gluten-free, certified by the USDA, and claims to be free of any genetic modifications.

The blend comprises seven varieties of mushrooms, each with a specific and important function which we dive into later on. Among them are Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Maitake, and Shiitake. The different varieties together boost immunity in the user and also improve energy levels and cognitive capabilities.

The mushrooms used in the Sacred 7 mix are known to promote antioxidant, prebiotic, anticancer, pro-cardiovascular, and immunomodulating properties. In addition to this, Sacred 7 is known to be anti-microbial, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-neurodegenerative. Clearly, the product stands up to the claims it makes which not only validates the mushroom supplements itself but also Naturealm as a brand.

Since its inception in 2016, Naturealm has seen steady growth as a name to be trusted. However, despite having a stronghold in the market, the lack of information on mushroom supplements posed a question to their legitimacy as immune boosters.

This is where the expertise of the founders comes into play. Brandon, with his immense knowledge of mushrooms, is a true naturalist and harbors a strong interest in mushroom foraging. His partner, Kevin, is a specialist in nutrition and wellness, thanks to his pre-medical background. To achieve significant results, they worked with a team of dedicated researchers and ultimately established Naturealm as a brand to be trusted.

Long story short, Sacred 7 ensures improved cognitive function and stronger immunity, with little to no side effects. For that reason alone, it is certainly an option worth considering. Let us now look at what renders it so effective, i.e. the ingredients.


Sacred 7’s mix of mushrooms holds a variety of health benefits that can only truly be understood if we dove deeper into each individual ingredient.

1. Chaga

Also known as Inonotus Obliquus, Chaga is one of the most effective antioxidants out there. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it has long been used to enhance immunity and liver health. The element is also known to lower blood sugar levels and recent research has established its potency as a preventive measure against cancer as well.

2. Reishi

Commonly known as reishi, Ganoderma Lucidum has achieved a renowned title of being known as the “mushroom of immortality.” Also as an immune-booster, it reduces stress and anxiety levels by inducing a distinct state of calm which also improves one’s quality of sleep. Additionally, Reishi’s properties allow it to function as an immunomodulator, and like Chaga, scientists have focused their research on its anticancer effects. Check out some of the best reishi supplements we love.

3. Cordyceps

Known for its ergogenic effects, Cordyceps Militaris contains a significantly higher number of bioactive compounds than its twin, Cordyceps Sinensis. This variety of mushrooms improves the blood’s capacity to absorb oxygen, leading to better health and functioning of all the major systems of the body.

Also effective in improving oxygen utilization, cordyceps leads to better cardiovascular function, acts as an energy booster, increases one’s tenacity for physical exercise, and reduces fatigue. At the same time, by augmenting the body’s tyrosine hydroxylase expression, it regulates the dopaminergic system which ultimately leads the individual to a stress-free physical and mental state. You can take advantage of these benefits and more with the best cordyceps supplements available.

4. Lion’s Mane

This is the primary ingredient that boosts cognitive functions. With its antidepressant qualities, Lion’s Mane or Hericum Erinaceus is a popular inclusion in mushroom supplements blends. Being neuroprotective, the element is continually researched for its capacity to prevent neurodegenerative ailments such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s. This mushroom also helps improve your motivation levels, focus, and mood. Read our best lions mane supplement review for more information.

5. Turkey Tail

Trametes Versicolor, or Turkey Tail, is another immune-booster and a highly potent one at that. It has been approved as a cancer drug, available as Polysaccharide K (PSK) in Japan, and is widely used in adjuvant therapy. Learn more about some of the best turkey tail mushroom supplements that we love.

6. Maitake

The next ingredient of Sacred 7 is commonly called “Hen of the Woods.” Similar to Turkey Tail, this breed of mushroom also works on the individual’s immunity and is capable of activating white blood cells to a considerable extent. Also, Maitake is under extensive study around the world for its anticancer properties.

7. Shiitake

Last but not the least, we have Lentinula Edodes or Shiitake mushrooms, which are popular for its flavor. It is, especially, a favorite in Asian cuisine but also has significant immune-boosting capabilities. Shiitake is also useful for improving liver function and, like most other varieties, is under study for its immunomodulatory and anticancer effects.

Importance of Whole Fruiting Body Mushrooms

Before using a mushroom supplement, a key point to be aware of is the difference between using a whole fruiting body and myceliated grain, as the latter is often advertised as being real mushrooms.

Simply put, a whole fruiting body refers to a fully developed mushroom that’s nearing the end of its lifecycle. On the other hand, myceliated grain is what is found in the early stages of the cycle.

It’s easy to see the difference between the two – mushrooms grow from mycelium seeds; they’re not the same. Cultivators use grains such as rice and wheat, on which the seeds are then put and grown. This is why the line between real mushrooms and myceliated grains often gets blurred.

After sterilization and incubation, these grains grow into mushrooms under the eyes of a cultivator. However, the catch is that many supplement manufacturers stop operations at this stage in order to save time, effort, and resources. So, many mushroom supplements products utilize myceliated grain in place of real mushrooms.

There are certain pointers that can help distinguish between the two. Myceliated grains are muted beige in color and taste like breakfast cereal, while supplements with real mushrooms are far tastier and a vibrant shade of brown.

Another rule of thumb would be to look for the following terms on the packaging: US grown, myceliated brown rice, fermented, organic white milo, and mycelial biomass. What they simply mean, is “myceliated grain.”

Naturealm’s Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder doesn’t contain any mycelium and is made from 100% whole fruiting bodies.

What Are Beta-D-Glucans?

Now, we’d hold no grudges against a product that’s economical and scalable, as the grains are. But, there is a significant difference between the two which directly affects the functioning of the mushroom supplements. Mycelium-on-grain (MOG) products contain a marginal amount of beta-glucans, the bioactive compounds that act as a potent preventive measure against a number of severe ailments.

Beta-glucans are consumed in order to boost one’s immunity in cases where their defenses have been worn down by chronic factors such as mental and physical stress, fatigue, and also harsh treatments like chemotherapy. Additionally, they may be used as medicine for more common ailments such as flu, allergies, ulcerative colitis, Lyme disease, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Beta-glucans have a simple method of working when taken via oral consumption, as they are in the case of Sacred 7. They prevent the absorption of cholesterol from food into the stomach and intestines, thus lowering the amount of the same in one’s bloodstream. Needless to say, it is necessary for a mushroom supplement to contain an adequate amount of the compounds to be able to serve its purpose.

Sacred 7 has a high beta-glucan content, to the extent where it is thoroughly efficient in augmenting one’s immunity by preventing the aforementioned ailments. Such a substantial presence of beta-glucans in the supplement is noteworthy; it’s an attribute hard to come by in other similar products.

Why Hot Water Extraction?

Sacred 7, being a high-quality mushroom extract supplement, contains at least 20% beta-glucans and is extracted using hot water. This amplifies its efficacy in acting as an immune-booster and results are nearly always guaranteed because it makes the beta-d-glucans and other polysaccharides that are trapped in the cell walls bioavailable.

Hot water extraction is the method by which water-soluble components in the mushrooms are isolated to increase the potency of the product. The mushrooms are first heated in water up to 80 to 175 degrees Celsius. Once the process has finished, what’s left behind as a powdery residue is the extract to be used.

By the end of it, the plant itself is discarded and along with it, the water. The process of hot water extraction is especially relevant to Sacred 7 as it’s suitable for extracting beta-glucans, a significant component of the product’s benefits.

Our Experience

A thorough understanding of the mushroom supplements’ properties naturally piqued our curiosity and we were eager to try it. So, our team used Sacred 7 for a month or so to see if the product would actually live up to the claims it had made.

We started off slow, taking only the recommended dosage (discussed later) once a day, with our morning coffee. Like most mushroom supplements, the result was gradual but definitely perceivable within a couple of hours.

Over the course of the day, we found our focus to have improved considerably. Deadlines looked more manageable, emails were less tedious to respond to; the shift in mindsets was fairly obvious.

What pleased us the most, however, was the flavor. Sacred 7 is not merely a supplement, it also tastes fantastic. Essentially, what happened was that we got to sip on great cups of coffee while boosting our immunity and cognition at the same time! Matter of fact, many of our team members switched over from using Thrive 6 and 5 Defenders due to the extra ingredients that Sacred 7 contains.

Also, a few of our team members went on to try the product for another month and experienced a heightened sense of well-being and overall strength.

On the whole, Sacred 7 was worth the experiment. The results are noticeable, however, over-consumption is likely to do more harm than good.

Recommended Dosage

If you’re only starting off as a consumer of mushroom supplements, it’s best to begin slow and take the supplement once a day. A good cup of coffee usually tastes better with Sacred 7.

As recommended by the brand, the ideal dosage for Sacred 7 is 700mg/day, which implies that one would be consuming 100mg of each variety of mushrooms. However, many users go slightly above the limit and take up to 1.5 to 2 gms on a daily basis.

Given the properties and ingredients of the mushroom supplements, it should be safe to do so and many of our team members actually take 1.4 grams of the supplement in 700mg increments – once during the day and once in the afternoon.

Our Thoughts


After much research and deliberation, we can conclude that Sacred 7 is a safe and effective supplement to boost one’s immunity, cognition, and overall health. No side-effects have been reported and the recommended dosage is relatively mild.

Also, as far as the brand is concerned, Naturealm is one to be trusted. Therefore, being a product from a reliable company, Sacred 7 does meet our requirements and performs well.

However, it would be a mistake to expect drastic changes. Mushroom supplements deliver only after a certain period of time has passed and Sacred 7 is no different. In fact, it would be a red flag if the results were immediate.

So, go on and try it for yourself. Start slow, and you should see the difference gradually but surely. And before we forget, you can buy Sacred 7 on the official website of the company.

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