LiftMode Review: Is This Vendor Reliable?


Heard about the LiftMode brand, but not sure about the veracity of its claims? Then read our complete LiftMode review and see if this vendor is a reliable source for your nootropics and wellness supplements.

Nootropics vendors are cropping up everywhere nowadays. But not everyone supplies products that are worth your money.

LiftMode is one of the exceptions to this rule. The brand, which was established about a decade ago, is known for supplying quality nootropic stacks as well as individual supplements.

Today, we’re going to explore LiftMode and see what it’s all about.

About LiftMode

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, LiftMode as a brand was launched in 2010. Since then, the company has garnered a widespread reputation of being one of the best suppliers of individual nootropics, as well as stacks, all over the world.

After some research into the brand, we discovered that LiftMode was part of Synaptent LLC, an all-American firm. The people behind the brand consist of a team of fitness enthusiasts, researchers, and bio-hackers committed to providing the world with best-in-class fitness products.

All its products, such as Phenibut, Resveratrol, and Magnolol, are backed by years of intensive research. LiftMode has laboratories all over the world, where researchers relentlessly engage in the task of making products that deliver dependable performance.

What’s more, the company fully stands by its products, and regularly publishes scientific articles informing users about their functioning. Perhaps it’s due to a combination of all the above that even in a relatively short time, the brand has built up a loyal customer base.

Overall, this is a brand that we feel can be trusted due to its sheer commitment to transparency.

Quality Of Products

As you know, we’re not ones to go by sheer gut feeling alone. Hence, we decided to take a closer look and ascertain the quality of the brand’s products. And the results we observed were encouraging, to say the least.

Third-party authorities independently test all LiftMode products for quality assurance. It’s only after stringent testing across many parameters that the company goes-to-market with its products. This is in line with their peers like Pure Nootropics and Nootropics Depot.

When buying nootropics, such tests are especially important because impure nootropic components can have harmful side-effects. That’s why we were glad to find that LiftMode tests its products for parameters such as purity, contaminants, and bacteria, among other things.

What’s more, all of its products come with independent certificates of analysis, which guarantee their efficacy. Overall, we can say with confidence that this is one of the rare brands that don’t compromise with its quality standards.

However, to be absolutely sure, we sent a couple of the company’s products to a separate testing facility. We also carried out volunteer trials for determining the actual efficacy of the same. The results, we’re happy to report, were very promising indeed.

Our tests revealed that all LiftMode products live up to the quality levels they claim. Further, our volunteers exhibited significant performance improvements after trying out the products. This sealed the case for us that LiftMode is indeed a nootropics supplier that can be relied upon.

LiftMode Product Pricing

When it comes to product pricing, we compared LiftMode to some of its closest competitors like Double Woods Supplements.  When compared, we discovered that LiftMode’s products are priced marginally higher than its competitors.

It must be mentioned here that though highly-priced, these products are also more potent, and of better quality than most of the other popular brands available in the market. Guess that’s why consumers prefer to stick to LiftMode over others, despite having to pay a bit more.

Customer Service And Support

Regarding customer service and support, we found LiftMode to be well equipped. Not only does it have an active email channel through which it can be contacted, but it also provides a direct phone line with voicemail capabilities.

What’s more, should you feel the need, you can always contact them at their office location in Illinois. LiftMode also has a vibrant social media presence where you can interact with like-minded individuals and get answers to any queries.

Finally, the LiftMode official website also offers a live chat tool that you can access around the clock. Responses are fast and helpful, and you only need to provide basic details for getting any queries answered.

Shipping And Returns

Next, we explored LiftMode’s shipping and returns policy, and here it also scored admirably. LiftMode ships all over the US, and shipping is free for all orders within the US, provided the order amount is over $35.

The company also ships its products internationally. This means even if you’re not located within the US, you can still order and benefit from LiftMode’s wide range of products. Orders, however, can only be placed through its online store.

We were also pretty impressed to learn of the company’s 90-days return policy. In case of any complaints from the consumers’ side, the company provides the option of replacement of the product.

If you’re completely dissatisfied with the item in question, you also have the option of opting for a full refund. US-based refunds are settled within 7-10 days of initiation. Of course, the company might need you to return the product for further analysis.

Are LiftMode Products Legit?

Absolutely! Every product that bears the LiftMode label comes with COAs (certificates of analysis). These certificates are tests undertaken by independent authorities that guarantee the veracity of the company’s claims.

Further, the company website has a safe payment system and accepts payments in multiple modes. It even offers a bitcoin payment option that helps to protect your privacy. In a nutshell, we found LiftMode products and services to be 100% legit and safe.

Our Thoughts


After significant deliberation, we can safely conclude that LiftMode is undoubtedly a brand to reckon with. It has a wide range of products, and every offering is rigorously tested for quality and efficacy.

What’s more, the company has entirely transparent processes and pays special attention to customer care. And though its prices are a bit higher than the rest, so is its quality, which means customers won’t be reluctant to spend a little extra for a lot more.

All things considered, LiftMode products are worth investing in.

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