Double Wood Supplements Review: Are They Legit?


If you’re looking for a reliable nootropics vendor – Double Woods Supplements has you covered. Read our review to see if this supplier is a reliable source for your nootropics needs.

Do you ever feel your productivity level needs a solid boost? Do you want to achieve everything you ever wanted and more? With the right supplements, you probably can.

Double Woods Supplements offers a wide category of nootropics and supplements that claim to enhance daily performance and help you lead a more productive life, overall. Curious? Read this review to learn more.

Information on Double Wood Supplements

Before writing this review, we did a thorough background check on the company and found out many interesting details. As a small company based out of Philadelphia, Double Woods supplement started its journey back in 2014.

It all began when the two brothers, Evan Wood and Reese Wood, decided to start a venture of their own to make premium supplements and nootropics. They named the company after their surname, with the main intention of building an online platform where people could order products and have them delivered right at their doorstep.

Over the years, DWS (Double Wood Supplements) has grown to be a well-known brand in the industry, with its headquarters in Pennsylvania. All the production and shipping are done from there, and to date, this remains the only branch.

On the website, you’ll find many products, including memory support supplements, anti-aging and anti-anxiety remedies, weight and stress management, to name a few. Over the years, it managed to gain the trust of consumers, and today the company stands as one of the pioneers in the supplements and nootropics industry.

Quality of their products

When we talk of supplements, the most crucial thing to consider is obviously, quality. We were impressed to learn how the company strived to improve its supplements continually to make sure they serve only the best. For the consumers’ assurance, they also provide proof of authenticity and quality through certificate analysis and third-party test results. This is in line with other vendors like Nootropics Depot.

Third-party testing is rarely seen with other supplement brands, and this has helped Double Woods Supplements gain a competitive edge. In case there are any doubts regarding the products offered, these results are helpful.

We found that the most common tests conducted are heavy metal testing, assay testing, and microbiological contaminant testing. Through these intricate processes and in-depth analyses, the company makes sure that there is no deterioration in the quality of its products.


Good products do not come cheap, but Double Woods Supplements may just be an exception. Sure, the prices are not low, but the quality that they provide far outweighs the extra dollars spent. Example: each pill of Adrafinil costs around $1, which is quite reasonable.

‘Absorb Your Health’ sells this nootropic at the same price point while ‘Pure Nootropics’ sells it at a slightly lower rate. Double Woods Supplements again impressed us by not adding any shipping costs. Shipping can be expensive, but other than a minimum tax amount, they did not charge anything extra.

Not only that, but we also got a 15% discount on our first order by clicking the “Subscribe and Save” button. You should do it too to save some money on your first order.

Customer Service & Support

We called up customer support on multiple occasions for queries regarding an item and shipping dates. And they have always attended to our questions immediately! Dealing with customer support can get frustrating, given so many companies put that department on the backburner. However, DWS is definitely not like those other companies.

This company follows a close-knit business model and is always striving to give customers the very best. They take every concern seriously and will address refund requests without making you go through hoops of “formalities.” Honestly, for customer service alone, we’d recommend everyone to give DWS a chance.

Shipping & Returns

While all the products can be shipped inside the state at zero shipping charges, some of them are eligible for international shipping. The company offers fixed shipping rates for such cases. We chose free shipping and got the item delivered within 4 days to our offices in New York City. They are extremely quick with the shipments and allow multiple shipping methods for the consumers’ convenience.

Other than free shipping, we also used the 2-day air services, which come at an additional cost of $30. There is a 3-day shipping option too at $20, and expedited shipping would cost $12 more.

In case you are not satisfied, Double Woods Supplement has a very efficient return policy. It lets customers return any product within 30 days of delivery. In case it has been more than 30 days, the company still accepts returns but at its discretion. We have not come across any other brand which offers its return services beyond 30 days, and this definitely stood out.

Also, if a single bottle is opened, it doesn’t need to be sent back. The company trusts its customers and will still give a full refund. In cases where there are more than one bottle of the same product, and both are opened, then you would have to return both to be eligible for a refund for one of those.

Is Double Woods Supplements legit?

This is a thought that crosses the mind of everybody purchasing supplements for the first time. We have ordered from Double Woods Supplements multiple times, and we assure you that it is completely legit. It is a small but extremely efficient company and is a great option to invest in when it comes to supplements.


Our Thoughts


We have tested many of the products they offer and have achieved satisfactory results every time. Not only us, but our friends and family have also been loyal consumers of DWS, owing to its impeccable customer service. The only area that we feel needs improvement is international shipping.

Some products still cannot be shipped outside the borders of the USA, and it’s about time the company did something to overcome this limitation. Otherwise, from product quality to the zero cost shipping and return policies, every aspect of Double Wood Supplements is on point.

So, order your supply today and be the best version of yourself!

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