5 Best Lion’s Mane Supplements to Improve Your Cognitive Health


Lion’s Mane mushroom is one of the best nootropics available in the market today. And there’s a good reason for its popularity.

Lion’s Mane has been shown to work wonders in boosting cognitive performance, lifting brain fog, combating anxiety, increasing motivation, improving your studying, and even slowing down the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. What’s more, it also helps with other physiological conditions such as high blood sugar and low levels of energy.

Today, we will take a closer look at some of the best Lion’s Mane supplements that you can try out.

What To Look For In Lion’s Mane Supplements

First thing’s first – why is Lion’s Mane considered such a potent supplement for the mind? The primary reason is this mushroom’s ability to induce the NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) in the brain, which is responsible for proper neural health.

However, not all Lion’s Mane supplements can give you the same levels of performance. While there are some benefits to eating the mushroom whole or dried, there are methods to accentuate the beneficial properties of these nootropic fungi. The secret lies in the extraction process used to isolate the beneficial properties of the mushroom which differentiates an extraordinary supplement from one that’s average at best.

While both water and alcohol can be used as solvents for extraction, there are some differences in the results of the components derived from each method. The following are some of the standard extraction processes.

Dried Fruiting Body Powder Extract

This is the primary extraction process that’s used in the majority of Lion’s Mane supplements. With this process, the entire mushroom body is dried and then used to prepare the extract. This extraction method doesn’t guarantee nootropic benefits or other cognitive enhancements. Additionally, the bioavailability of the product is low and efficacy is not guaranteed.

Unfiltered 1:1 Fruiting Body Water Extract

In this extraction process, the extract is prepared using water as the solvent. With this extraction method, bioavailability is guaranteed due to its enhanced potency as compared to the dried fruiting body powder extract. The recommended dosage is around 0.5 to 1 gram daily.

This extract has the advantage of containing a higher amount of beta-glucans (more on that later). As a result, apart from the nootropic action, users are likely to get other benefits such as better digestion and enhanced immune system response.

Dried Alcohol Extract Of Fruiting Body Or Mycelium

For this extraction process, the primary solvent is alcohol, which provides greater NGF stimulation. The recommended dosage here is 10mg per kilogram of body weight daily. It should be remembered that in this process, only liquid grown mycelium can be used and the supplement should specify that alcohol-soluble terpenes were utilized.

Dual Extract

As its name suggests, this extraction method uses a dual combination of water and alcohol as the solvent. A dual extract is expected to have greater NGF benefits and thus, improved nootropic properties. The dosage here varies on a case-by-case basis.

Generally, dual extract has greater amounts of alcohol-soluble ingredients than water-soluble ones. This makes the extract particularly suitable for boosting the brain’s cognitive abilities.

Importance Of Beta-Glucans In Lion’s Mane Supplements

The most critical component of Lion’s Mane that you need to be aware of is beta-glucans, which, arguably, is the secret behind the medical benefits of this mushroom.

Beta-glucans is a form of polysaccharide compound found in certain strains of mushrooms, such as Lion’s Mane. More specifically, among beta-glucans, it’s the beta-d-glucans that are thought to have health-promoting properties.

These belong to a class of physiologically active compounds known as biological response modifiers. Beta-glucans can facilitate several health benefits, such as improved heart health, an enhanced immune system, and lowered blood sugar levels.

With that said, when buying a Lion’s Mane supplement, consider the above factors when making your decision. Keeping this information in mind, let’s take a look at the five best Lion’s Mane supplements on the market today.

The 5 Best Lion's Mane Supplements Reviewed

The first item that we’re going to take a look at is the 8:1 Dual Extract Lion’s Mane from Nootropics Depot. It’s a quality product with 60 or 180 servings per bottle, and it comes with free standard worldwide shipping.

By taking this supplement, users can expect better cognitive functions, enhanced cardiovascular health, and improved energy levels. Since every ingredient used in the extract is lab tested, its potency is expected to be high.

With highly effective nootropic components, Nootropics Depot 8:1 Dual Extract Lion’s Mane is expected to boost mental acuity and improve overall cognitive function. Naturally, this leads to better problem solving capabilities and enhanced performance.

Why Do We Recommend It?

This is a premium product that uses an 8:1 dual extract of the mushroom. It is labeled a 8:1 extract because it takes 8kg of raw Lion’s Mane mushroom to prepare 1kg of the extract. The dual extract process means that the solvents utilized are ethanol and water.

Lion’s Mane is known to contain beneficial compounds, known as hericenones, which promote cognitive, mitochondrial, and cardiovascular health. These components, however, are ethanol-soluble and can only be activated by alcohol extraction.

Therefore, as a direct result of the dual extraction process, the final extract is more potent than a regular 1:1 extract which only utilizes water. This is due to ethanol’s presence in the dual extraction which means that the ethanol-soluble compounds are found in higher concentrations compared to water-soluble ones.

This essentially means that the extract contains more of the nootropic components than the immune-boosting ingredients. This is why this product contains a lower concentration of the water-soluble beta-glucans content (the product contains a minimum of 15% beta-glucans).

Due to the higher potency, users can take the supplement at lower doses and get the same desired benefits. Each capsule of the product contains 500mg of Lion’s Mane Extract, and the recommended dosage ranges between 1 and 2 capsules a day for most adults.

Up next, we have another product from Nootropics Depot and this time, it’s the 1:1 Fruiting Body extract. Because of the 1:1 extraction process, it is more abundant in the beta-glucan content compared to the first one on our list.

Apart from the usual boosting of cognitive functions, taking this product regularly can promote physical and mental relaxation. What’s more, it also lends a feeling of overall well-being, calms the mind, and reduces anxiety.

But that’s not all; the mushrooms that are used for the supplement are separately lab-tested for proven effectiveness. Also, it comes with the advantage of free, same-day shipping, and full after-sales support.

Why Do We Recommend It?

We like this product because the 1:1 fruiting body extract contains a significant amount of beta-glucan content. With a minimum of 25% beta-glucan levels, this extract has several health benefits such as better immune system support and improved cardiovascular health.

But how is the 1:1 whole fruiting body extract prepared? The secret lies in the name of the extract itself. The term, “whole fruiting body” refers to the entire mushroom plant that is visible above the ground.

A 1:1 extract is prepared by treating the entire mushroom with hot water. This helps to break down the cell walls of the plant, thereby releasing beta-d-glucans. This process frees the beta-d-glucans and makes them more bioavailable as they are usually trapped inside the mushroom cell walls.

We particularly like how this process increases the bioavailability of the beta-d-glucans itself. This helps to ensure that the product’s full benefits can be transferred to the user. The processed mushroom is then converted to a powder and delivered in capsule form.

The product comes in either 60 or 180-capsule bottles, and each serving contains 500mg of the extract. This means the standard recommended dosage is 1 to 2 capsules daily for adults.

Finally, as with any product from Nootropics Depot, this product comes with free worldwide shipping and is made from 100% lab tested ingredients. This speaks of the quality and care that the product is manufactured with and is why we recommend them so highly. You can find out more about Nootropics Depot from our full review.

Next on our list, we have the RealMushrooms Lion’s Mane Cognition Capsules. Containing 120 or 300 capsules per bottle, this is a fully organic Lion’s Mane supplement that’s well suited for those looking to achieve enhanced brain functions.

RealMushrooms Lion’s Mane uses all organic ingredients, which ensures safe and potent results. The capsules work to increase mental ability, promote better brain health, and enhance memory functions such as retention and recall.

Why Do We Recommend It?

This product is extracted using a 1:1 fruiting body hot water extract. This means you get the entire range of beneficial components present in the Lion’s Mane. Additionally, with a beta-glucan content of more than 25%, you can guarantee the bioavailability and efficacy of this product.

The capsules are 100% organic in nature and don’t contain any fillers such as grains or starch. Using only handpicked, carefully selected mushrooms, each capsule is manufactured to deliver the full effect of Lion’s Mane. Furthermore, the Lion’s Mane is also grown on sawdust which is a natural byproduct from local sawmills. Because mushrooms are highly efficient at recycling waste materials, instead of the sawdust being wasted or burned, it is used to grow mushrooms which makes the production of these supplements environmentally conscious.

We were impressed to learn that the team behind the product comprises professionals with over forty years of experience in the field. We believe this naturally translates to an overall better quality of the product.

The capsules not only work to boost memory and cognition but also act to bolster the immune system. Raising the brain’s natural energy levels ensures that you can get through the day with all the energy you require.

Plus, it’s also cost-effective. Each 120 count bottle lasts 60 days, which means you’re set for two months at a time. The product is also rigorously tested and verified by independent laboratories, which have proven that it works.

Each capsule contains 500mg of Lion’s Mane extract and is gluten-free and vegan. The recommended dosage is two capsules a day, with a glass of water and a light breakfast if you feel the need.

For the fourth item on the list, we have the Electric Lion’s Mane capsules from Freshcap Mushrooms. Yet another well-known brand, this product comes in a bottle of 120 capsules that’s meant to last for two whole months.

The product is manufactured using whole fruiting body mushrooms in a hot water extract that are thoroughly tested for quality. This means that every capsule is free from contaminants such as gluten, pesticides and even heavy metals.

Why Do We Recommend It?

In this day and age of chemical fertilizers and synthetic ingredients, it’s hard to find fully certified organic products. Yet that’s precisely what we found when we discovered this product.

Freshcap cultivates its mushrooms indoors, using all-organic cultivation methods. This ensures that no agricultural chemicals are used in the process, which means you get access to the full goodness of nature. In addition, every crop is passed through stringent quality checks before being used in the manufacturing process.

The next aspect that we need to highlight is the extraction method. Freshcap uses a 1:1 hot water extraction process, which means water-based ingredients get priority during extraction. Naturally, the end-product contains over 25% of beta-glucans, which is needed for the product to be effective.

However, that’s not all that this product has to offer. Unlike other capsules that use a filler material during manufacturing, every Freshcap capsule contains unadulterated mushroom extracts. This guarantees the potency of the supplement, along with purity.

Another interesting fact is that these capsule shells are made from Pullulan, a tapioca-based vegan ingredient. This makes it completely vegan-friendly, along with being free of gluten and GMO components.

The recommended dosage is the usual two capsules a day. Regular consumption promotes immune system functions and helps to boost cognitive clarity and focus.

And in case you’re not fully satisfied with the product, you can always return it and get a full refund. But as the company claims, once you get a load of these, you won’t want to let go.

The final product we reviewed is the Lion’s Mane capsule from Noomadic Herbals, which incidentally is one of the best selling products of the brand. Every bottle of the product contains 60 capsules, which is enough to last for a month on the recommended dosage.

Apart from the usual cognitive benefits, Noomadic’s Lion’s Mane helps to promote Nerve Growth Factor, reduce the effects of depression and anxiety, and offers some anti-aging effects as well.

Why Do We Recommend It?

With a 1:1 fruiting body extraction utilizing hot water, this supplement contains 30% beta-glucans, which directly correlates with its efficacy. Usual benefits of cognitive boosts and NGF enhancement aside, it also promotes a better immune system.

Apart from the above, taking it is thought to be beneficial for memory retention as well as recall. It has also shown promising results in the treatment of cognitive impairment in older adults.

Plus, the regular use of Lion’s Mane is also associated with reduced levels of depression and anxiety. Not to mention the fact that it also works to boost the immune system, and even has anti-aging properties.

We were also impressed to learn that the company sources all its mushrooms from China, which holds the reputation for the best quality mushrooms in the world. Plus, all ingredients are tested twice for harmful chemicals such as heavy metals to guarantee total safety.

The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 capsules a day, preferably with a meal. And just in case you’re not satisfied with the product’s results, you can opt for the 90-days money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Lion’s Mane has long been known as a brain-booster, and today it’s nootropic properties are recognized worldwide. However, getting just any Lion’s Mane capsule might not give you the right results, as some don’t have the required efficacy.

This is due to several factors, including low-quality mushrooms, poorly conducted extraction, and filler materials used during encapsulation. Combined, all this leads to products that over-promise but under-deliver.

That’s why we suggest that you conduct your due diligence before settling on any Lion’s Mane brand. Make sure you only purchase the supplement when you’re absolutely convinced that the product is exactly what you’re looking for!

If you’re looking for a complete mushroom extract blend that contains lions mane and other medicinal mushrooms – you should check out our review of some of the best mushroom extract blend supplements.

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