About Us

Ready to Feel Optimized?

Feel Optimized is an online resource that is dedicated to discovering and researching the best methods and products to help people – you guessed it – feel optimized! When we say “optimized” we want you to feel like you are performing at your best to take on any challenge that you are facing. This is done by focusing on your cognitive health, achieving deep sleep, maintaining a proper diet, meditating, and exercising.

Who are we?

We’re a group of life optimization enthusiasts who started out on our journey to be the best version of ourselves years ago – just like you. We sought out products, supplements, superfoods, and guides looking to discover the most effective combination to help us achieve our goals. Over the course of this journey, what we found is that everyone has a unique formula that works for them.

That’s why we decided to create this platform. We wanted to help everyone find their unique formula. Whether you are looking to achieve deeper sleep, improve your mental clarity through a trusted nootropic stack, or increase your overall mood through diet and exercise – we will research and review the best ways to help you feel optimized.

Our Promise

Although some of our posts may have affiliate links – they are never sponsored and always reflect our honest assessment and review of the product. We always perform our tests across several team members to make sure that we are giving you the best information possible because the results may vary from person to person – and we want to show you that. We constantly update our posts to reflect our most recent assessments so you’ll have the most up to date information. If you ever want a product or method to be reviewed please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Connect With Us

We’re always looking to share success stories on how you optimized your life. If you want to connect with us you can follow us on Instagram and send over your personal experiences. We love hearing stories on how implementing a new diet, listening to white noise, or using guided meditation has changed your quality of life. There may be other optimizations that we don’t even know of yet and we’re always looking to learn more.